Monday, June 14, 2010

ME day

Today turned out to be a ME day.  I am not sure I deserve a ME day but I took one.  The whole (almost) of last week I spent doing things for others.  Not noble.  Not to be lauded.  Just did things for others that needed to be me.  When I said (almost) it was because the first thing I did last week was to finish crocheting a shawl, perhaps for myself, that I started about a year ago.  It is made from heavy crochet thread.  It was fun to do.  The rest of the week I spent finishing a trunk for BB's motorcycle, making MC a case for MC's new iPad, making a dress for my sis-in-love (Karen, I am going to have to modify it, it almost reaches the floor on ME) patching yet another pair of jeans for grand kids.  I didn't cook much, hardly at all last week.  After #1 son's birthday party, there was enough food left over so that when ever I got hungry I went to his house and said, "Feed me"  That was nice.  So today...a Me day.  I took someone to the airport, took my Baby Lock Surger sewing machine for yet another repair and ended up trading it in on a new one.  Score one for ME.  I have had that machine for many years and several repairs, the most recent one costing over $100 is GONE.  The next reward was lunch @ Macaroni Grill and then on to Cold Stone Creamery.  I think a nap is in order for more of my ME day.

Till next time............stay well and keep on keeping on.....................Connie


Charlotte said...

Good for you. Sounds like a good productive day - for you. Not entirely for you though. There was the airport thing. I know you will enjoy that new machine.

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