Thursday, November 13, 2008

This is a test, this is only a test.

My friend and excellent blogger told me the way to do something. I will try it now.
I made a yummy Black Bean Soup for tonight. I found the recipe on the blog of someone I don't even know but visit often. Her blog is She posted the recipe a few days ago and I have been anxious to try it. It is GOOD. Two bowls good.

Now to see if I have done this correct

Nope. Not correct. I will work on it later. For now, just copy and paste the URL (see how much I am learning?) in the address line and it will take you there. Or, click on the blogs I read (I just put those on there today) and it will take you there also. This woman is an accident waiting to happen (she would probably agree). I read her often because she is so good with words and obviously laughs at herself... when it is not November. You will have to read her to find out what that means.

Doin' whatever

I guess I must be bored today. Why? It is the most beautiful day, it is supposed to be about 80 degrees today and here I sit, messing with my blog. I did learn a little more about it (way to go huh? Charlotte.) I think after spending time on this site, I had better get back to my yarn.