Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy list

1. Last night there was 6 at my dinner table
2. Tonight there was only me
3. Whatever, it is always a blessed time. Food on my table.
4. After eating soup my daugher prepared and sent over I was sitting on the back
porch watching people come home. I was already home
5. The biggest ol' moon came up and a Sahauro Cactus was silloeted (I cannot find
the correct spelling for that) in front of the moon.
6. We had two very cold days last week. Freezing at night and not above the 50's
in the day time. It was in the high 80's tonight after dark. Love my desert.
7. I sat on the back porch that my loving baby brother built for me listening to a
classical station on the radio, Chopan, Beethovan (sure wish I could spell)
8. Saw the porch light of my son and baby brother's house come on. Someone must
have forgotten something out in their pickup.
9. Going to bed soon with a good book. TV is for the birds and I am not a bird.
10. Speaking of birds, my cat (Kat by name) likes to go on the back porch with me.
I put her up on the tall table so she won't run away. We had a bat circle us
several times looking for the fairy winged bugs that were circling our heads.
Kat was very interested.
11. A chicken finally layed an egg in a cabinate I put out there. Too many chickens
for the laying space they have available.
12. After 7 p.m. My bed and book is calling.