Saturday, August 15, 2009

Such a pretty sunset

I am 'throwing you a bone'. I have been walking more and more and it is becoming much more enjoyable. A couple of months ago when I first started walking it was because I had to. Now, I sometimes look forward to walking. I walked both yesterday a.m. and then again at p.m. I don't leave cornrows anymore dragging my heels the last part of the way home. I have almost no problem with my knee anymore. For many years, when putting on a pair of slacks, I had to balance just right, lift my left foot as high as I could (which was not very high) and then pull the foot the rest of the way up with my hand to get it into the leg of the slacks because the knee just simply would not bend enough. Now I have no problem bending that knee. Happy day.

While I am walking I am composing things to write down for you. By the time I get all the way home everything I thought might be of interest to you seems inane so it disappears from my mind. So...for today, below is the 'bone'. Something that is so very NOT inane. Enjoy my desert sunset and I will try to find something to share another day.