Saturday, November 8, 2008

One Day in California

We three Muscateers drove to N. CA in one day. It would have taken me two and I would have spent the night in Buttonwillow, CA. BB drove and drive us he did. We made it in appx. 12 1/2 hours. We were happy to see The Courtyard all alight when we arrived. They left the light on for us. It was a long day but we enjoyed the drive and each other.

Yesterday, pre-celebration, we went to the beach (a must do for us desert rats) cigar stores and memory lane. I spent 29 years in San Jose, CA. Married a 30 year career IBM'er and started the moving bit. We moved from San Jose when my 3 children we 5,11 & 13 or appx. those ages. #1 son didn't have the memory's BB and I had. We didn't actually get to SJ but BB lived in the area in which we spent most of our time yesterday. He drove us all around memory lane.

The weather could not have possibly been more perfect for November & near the ocean. The area is heavily farmed. I tried to identify all the things growing (from a moving car) but failed for the most part. We made our memory trip most of the time with the car windows down. I told "Da Boys" the the day was an Olafactory (can't spell that word) Treat! For us ol' desert rats all the smells of the fresh ground being turned over, the smells of GREEN things growing was just wonderful.

I will write more later, 2 of the Muscateers are packing and getting ready to head over the mountains to OB's (oldest brother)
home and then on to the desert on Sunday.