Saturday, January 30, 2010

To those who care

Some have been asking about my blog. I have not blogged since I got my new computer and now the new computer is giving me problems.

The reason I have not blogged is because I think a blog is much more interesting if there are pictures. I have not been able to get my pictures on the computer because it is so complicated. BB came over this afternoon and I wrote down step by step how to do it. It requires 12 or more clicks!!!!!!!!! REDICULOUS! There has to be a better way. At any rate, I, as usual am wallowing in yarn. A friend in TN ask me today about what I am doing and I took some picture.

The first two pictures are all the yarns I have chosen (so far) to go into the crocheted jacket/sweater. I am really excited about it. I made another one but gave it to a lady who goes to my church who admired it. I think I am going to enjoy this one even more

The following picture is of the yoke of the jacket. Now...I have to get back to knitting.