Monday, November 10, 2008

Home again, home again, JIGGITY JIG

Gotta come up with a new title if I keep vacationing.

We Three Musketeers (home again where my little electronic dictionary ((very important)) is, tells me how to spell Musketeers, I knew it was not correct in my last blog) arrived home last night about 9 p.m. after a 13-14 hour drive and oh so very grateful to be out of the car and JIGGITY JIG...home again.

The day after the celebration we did some sight seeing along Hwy 1 along the ocean and then over to OB's home for a few hours visit and the night. OB and wife were leaving the next morning for CO to see a brand new grand baby that was going to be born...TODAY come to think of it. Baby was to be induced last night about 8 p.m. CO time.

The celebration of the marriage of my BB's oldest daughter was not w/out problems, but what occasion is w/out flaws? One of the problems was that the batteries died in my camera and I forgot to take new ones with me!! But, as the saying goes: "A good time was had by all". Said Oldest Daughter is a whiz at planning a wonderful party. The celebration included a sitdown dinner in an upstairs private room in a restaurant. Three choices of either a salad (No ordinary salad, unh un, so siree, my salad included Scallops!) or an absolutely humdinger of a butternut squash soup, YUM! A choice of a duck dish, a beef dish or fish. 'Nother YUM. and of course the desserts were unique and YUM! You don't need to see the descriptions of the deserts. That would be just too cruel.

#1S, BB and I walked to and from the celebration restaurant. It was about 1/2 mile. We arrived FIRST, before all the others traveling in auto's. The weather was perfect, the walk was wonderful, the food was perfect. GREAT PLANNING, and plaudits to BB's oldest daughter. Thank you for including OA, That is me OL' AUNT. We Two Odd Musketeers were very happy to be included and we thank you.