Thursday, June 25, 2009

Guess who

Yep, it is I. After having been absent since Mar. 24th here I am again. I guess I have switched my sentiments from blogging to Facebook. I play Scrabble every day with my Tennessee Songbird and having that bit of connection each day is wonderful.

I have a new computer, a gift from my AZ son-in-law and daughter. He couldn't stand it anymore having me have such an old relic of a computer that is even slower than this ol' lady. They knew I wouldn't buy one for myself because the old one worked and I learned to deal with it. This new one is amazingly fast and I can't seem to tear myself away from it. I guess that is why I am entering something on my blog.
I can't put any pictures on my blog yet because the computer is not completely set up, so no pictures yet.

I went to Fresno, CA the last of May for a 3 day Southern Gospel concert. Loved it.

In June, my daughter and her two children and I went to TN to see my oldest grandsons graduation from high school. I spent about 2 weeks there and then the 4 of us journeyed on to IN to visit with my 93 y/o mom-in-law and my sis-in-law and family. We were there almost a week then I put daughter and kids on the plane for home and I followed in my car. I would so much rather drive than fly. I love driving and hate flying. When my computer is all set up I will put some pictures of our trip for you to see. For now, look for me but don't hold your breath :-)