Saturday, July 11, 2009

New pictures

Below is 'Sam the Man' with chocolate on mouth and I don't know what the hand sign is for. It was in another picture I took also

Below is Lily, our Little China Doll, modeling a back pack I crocheted for her. The hat was supposed to be for Sam but he declared it was much too babish for him to wear for crazy hat day. He wants one with crocheted spikes. I am going to have to figure out how to do that.

My almost 19 y/o high school graduate. Looks like a college grad doesn't he?

My sweet daughter, her very sweet hubby, proud parents of the grad

The loving and lovely older sister of the grad

Whoops. A bit out of order. I zipped you up to Indianapolis. This is my 94 y/o mom-in-law. She will be 95 in December.

This is of course me and my oldest granddaughter. Wish I had her back in Marana with me. I don't believe that will ever happen but I can dream can't I? She was MINE, MINE, MINE for two years while she went to school here and many people at church came to love her and often ask about her.

There you have it for today. Maybe I will get back to 'farm' issues tomorrow.