Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gonna lay off BB for a while

Enough about BB even though he makes such a good subject. Yesterday I had such a clever blog post and now it is gone. Should have entered it when it was on my mind. As my dad used to say when ask something, "Can't remember, I've slept since then".

My baby daughter has set me up on a Facebook page so that we can play Scrabble long distance. I am playing several games at a time and also with Rini, a lady whom I met in TN several years ago when visiting BD. I keep telling myself it is not a waste of time but a mind builder. I think that is simply an excuse but I have been enjoying it.

Here three pictures I took at Homecoming while in Tennessee. The first one is of Spencer after the game talking with his baby sis, my little China Doll, Lily.

Kala came home this weekend. Saw many friends and had a great time.

My grandkids have always been great posers. They have somehow been in front of a camera since they were born.