Thursday, March 5, 2009

Enjoyable week

I have had a very enjoyable. Last week I put on my favorite pair of pants, wore them all day, came home and slipped into a pair of quickly made cotton pants that I had recently made but not worn yet and vowed to make many more. PLOP, PLOP, FIZZ, FIZZ, OH WHAT A RELIEF IT IS. Some of you who are close to my age might remember that old Alka Selzer commercial. Well, those pants reminded me of that commercial. I made a pattern from the old 'Stretch and Sew' basic pattern. Light weight cotton, ELASTIC WAIST :-) That company came into play back in the days when we all wore that nasty double knit made with polyester. (Someday the future people are going to find that indistructable fabric in the digs and wonder what kind of people lived here). At any rate, I called up CO to the Stretch and Sew company some years ago and was told the patterns are adaptable to woven fabric simply by making 1 size larger. I made two pair of those pants, wore 1 pair to choir practice, got home and MC said, "Oh, I see you have some pajama pants'. I WORE PJ PANTS TO CHURCH! I didn't know I was making pj pants. Don't care. When they get laundried/laundryed??????? I will wear them out again. Those pants got me into my sewing room again. I have been so occupied with yarn I had forgotten thread. I got busy and MADE PJ's. I had such fun making things from my stash. I thought I was making them for me. Don't need them. #1 granddaughter needs them. They get wrapped and put in the mail as soon as this computer will release me.
DON'T TELL KALA, IT IS A SUPRISE. teehee. She will see this anyway. Enjoy Kala. Love you. Grammy