Saturday, March 7, 2009

Best Birthday Party EVER!

I was relating this story to a friend a few days (weeks?) ago and decided it would be a good story to put on my blog. Story:
My husband of 40 years died on Dec. 18th 2000. Some time after that, months? I don't remember, I was sitting in the choir loft and had a melt down. I am not a cryer and didn't have the time to grieve in a timely manner ( what is the proper time?) and right there in front of God and everbody, a grief thingie kicked in. I couldn't stop crying. Bad bad. When my birthday came up in the very next week, I was feeling sorry for myself and sitting at the kitchen table feeding my invalid mother, who was not able to do anything at all for herself, a failed casserole. Edible, but definately a failure. I looked up and in the back door came marching all my friends from my Sunday school class, hands full of GOOD food and with smiles on their faces. What a wonderful gift.

Those of you who were there........thank might not know what a wonderful gift and a long standing good memory you provided.