Thursday, November 20, 2008


I am too sick to think. Caught cold from BB on CA trip. Thanks BB. So, the following is something I stole from "Shut Up I'm Counting" with my answers and not hers.
Where is your mobile phone?
In my pocket. It is never far from me because I don't have a land line anymore.

Where is your significant other?
Heaven. Right now, with this chest cold, I wish I were with him.

Your hair colour?
Light brown and grey. Used to be dark brown. Where oh where has the color gone?

Your mother?
Same place as my significant other

Your father?
Ditto for hubby and mom

Your favourite thing?
Just about my whole life. Thank you God

Your dream last night?
I seldom ever remember my dreams

Your dream goal?
I am living my goals. Living, every day, just living and lovin' living

The room you’re in?
Kitchen/eating area. It was supposed to be a family room. Silly, Living room is right over the little wall. Why have two. Now I have a very large kitchen and it gets a whole lot of use.

Your hobby?
Anything involving yarn

Your fear?
I can't think of anything that I am afraid of

Where do you want to be in 6 years?
right here in Beautiful Marana, AZ. Love my desert

Where were you last night?
slogging around being sick and coughing

What you’re not?
Fearful, depressed, unhappy, and...........well

One of your wish-list items?
I don't have a wish list. I think I have everything I need and more

Where you grew up?
San Jose, CA

The last thing you did?
Try to take a deep breath w/out coughing

What are you wearing?
Denim skirt and flowered top

Your TV?
Soon to be gone. I don't believe I will persue TV after the FEB date it dies

Your pets?
Nice clean white puffy cat/Kat. She made the mistake of getting up on a cabinate yesterday. When she does that, I catch her, walk into the shower fully clothed, close shower door, disrobe and then we shower together. Pretty kitty.

Your computer?
Older than I am and often just as crippled

Your mood?
Wishing I were well.

Missing someone?
Only my Tennessee family.

Your car?
Nissan Maxima. Great car

Something you’re not wearing?
Shoes and makeup, but that is not unusual

Favourite shop?
Costco. the place where I spend most of my money

Your summer?
Busy. Now for some home time

Love someone?

Your favourite colour?
Pale dusty coral

When is the last time you laughed?
Probably last night when BB was here.

When is the last time you cried?
I don't remember. I almost never, ever cry.