Monday, April 19, 2010

Good, good Sunday

Just taking a minute before I decide what I am going to do next.

I had such a great Sunday yesterday. I went to church with my daughter and family and son. It was the 'kids' leading (playing instruments) for the song service. My AZ granddaughter ask for and received an electric bass guitar for Christmas. She played one song with the band. She was very nervous but did a great job. The song service was so uplifting and so was the rest. I enjoyed it very much.

I am taking a break from leading the choir, from right after the Easter service until ???????????. I just needed a break from responsibility and to go hither and yon for a while. I already feel refreshed.

Below are socks, both finished and in the making. The orange ones are ones I made a couple of years ago out of junk yarn. By junk I mean not yarn spacificilly for socks. The toe of a sock in my lap is a new experience. All of the many pair of socks I have made in the past start at the top of the cuff and on down to the toe. Several of the pairs of socks I have made has a toe in one of the socks that is a different color because I ran out of yarn before being finished with the pair. I wanted (and found) a pattern that starts from the toe and goes up to the cuff. I wanted this pattern because I can knit so far, start the second sock and knit each one of the pair in equal distance until I run out of yarn. They may end up only ankle length before I run out of yarn but will be the same color throughout. It puzzles me why there is not enough yarn in each ball to make a whole pair of socks. Could be because MY feet are so long.