Friday, February 6, 2009

Busy busy me

It seems that there never is an end to things I want to accomplish. This last week I took on another task. I bought a French Provential dining room suite when my MC was just a baby. The dining room set now belongs to her and her family. It has been well used and has suffered the use. It has been re-glued, maybe more than once. The last time it was reglued (supposedly by a pro) was not done well nor correctly and has loosened up enough that one of the chairs collapsed with my granddaughter on it and another two were on the way. It is a busy life for my children and they apparently didn't have time to take care of it nor the desire, believing that it was no use. I guess I still have an attachment to the set and ask if I could try to re-glue the chairs. I re-glued the one that was in the worst shape and another is sitting in my garage awaiting attention. With MC approval, I recovered them for the third time in the life of the set. Being French Provential, it has alway been 'dressed' in very formal attaire. This is the third time I have recovered these 6 chairs. It may be the last. Being ol' farmers at heart, MC and I decided on this fabric that I had in the house already, from some garage sale no doubt. I had JUST enough. Only slivers of scrap left over. We kinda like the way they look. How about you?

Job hunting

No, not me. I have my job already and it is right here at home. I am putting out a call for anyone who might need a graphic artist. My nephew has worked for Microsoft for 15 years in Seattle and has gotten caught in the economic crunch and was layed off. He escaped it for about 2 years but it finally caught up with him. I bet you anything that he and his family would love to head for the SUN! Let me know if you know of anyone...................Connie