Friday, October 22, 2010

The story...AS I HEARD IT.

I have been home now for just over a week from a road trip through memories.  A reunion was held in San Jose, CA for the remaining members of THE CRUSADERS.   The Crusaders was the name of the  young married Sunday school class my late husband taught when we were all young marrieds.  I say remaining because three of that class has gone on to be with the Lord.  I spent the day after the reunion with a long time friend (boy friend in high school) and next went to Ceres, CA to spend a few days with a brother and his wife.  After that, I drove down to Redlands, CA to spend almost a week with a cousin and aunt who live there and a cousin from Fayetteville, AR (can't remember if that has two t's or one).  The cousin from AR is working on her Bucket List.  She wanted to put her feet in the ocean and head in the clouds on a mountain.  With each of those people, memories begin to fly, laughter was rampant AND EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US HAD A DIFFERENT STORY ABOUT THE VERY SAME EVENT!   

I am going to tell you a story I heard in Redlands that is supposed to be true.  Keep in mind the cap's of the last paragraph.

When I was growing up my family spent a lot of time with relatives and 'shirt tail' relatives.  I think shirt tail relatives are relatives of relatives.  One of those shirt tail relatives was Faye. (or Fay?)  She was the wife of my cousins uncle.  She was supposed to have made a notable pumpkin pie.  Her granddaughter who went to a culinary institute started playing with Grandma Fay/Faye's pumpkin pie recipe and made a muffin from it.  Now, here is where my memory is muddy and undependable.  I think she made the muffins and took them to an event (child's school?) can't remember that part.  Someone from Costco was there at the event and wanted to buy the muffin recipe.  The developer of the recipe refused to sell it because the recipe would no longer be her's to share so she wouldn't sell it.  Later, at another unknown event, someone from Starbucks sampled the recipe and ask to buy it.  Lawyers would be involved.  The young lady again refused to sell.  Grandma Fay/Faye's Pumpkin Pie recipe, legally not to be able to share the recipe with anyone, no thanks.  The Starbucks rep said, "I am going to write a figure on this piece of paper and you think about it".  (Right out of movie or TV, right?)  When he wrote the figure on the paper and slid it to her she is supposed to have said, "Where is the lawyer?)  TWO AND ONE HALF MILLION DOLLARS!!!!  Remember the cap's in the first paragraph!

That is the story and I am sticking to it.  It is written in the way I heard it and as I remember.  I am assuming it is all true because my cousin would not lie to me about her muffin cousin.  No matter, I couldn't wait until I could get to Starbucks and try that PUMPKIN CUPCAKE.  I have no way of knowing if it is worth 2 1/2 million dollars to Starbucks but I sure did enjoy it.  Get yourself to a Starbucks while it is still pumpkin season and try one yourself.