Monday, July 19, 2010

Good thoughts

A few weeks ago I visited my family in Redlands, CA for a 90th birthday celebration of an aunt.  (See pictures a few blogs back)  While there, I went to church with my aunt, cousin and brother.  Lowell Linden, the senior pastor at that church writes 'daily readings' for the newspaper and has made a book from those little entries.  I was gifted with a book while there and have been enjoying reading it.  The following is one that especially impacted me.

Teddy Roosefelt said once in a speech that it was better to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs and even to endure some failures than to be one of those poor spirits who never taste the victory or suffer defeat because they live in a gray twilight zone of no-risk safety.  Life is a risk.  Sometimes we forget that.  When we weep, we risk being seen as sentimental.  When we laugh, we risk being seen as a fool.  When we reach out towards another human being, we risk involvement.  When we love, we risk not being loved in return.  

But the greatest risk in all of human history was the risk God took when He sent His Son into the world.  God loved the world enough to send His Son and give His life upon the cross for our sins.  That was the greatest risk in all eternity.