Sunday, January 4, 2009


Occasionlly I hear there are no co-incidences in the Christians world. I don't know how that got started or when but sometimes something happens that makes us believe that might be true.

Today it was my turn to bring the special music at my church. The young man who runs the sound system, sings in the choir, leads the music in the worship service Sunday mornings and probably many other things that I don't know about, had a sinus infection and ask me to lead the worship service. I was there a bit early to work the song I was to sing with that young man while he set up the sound system for me and my voice and song. I sang Amazing Grace.

After church he told me about God's planning. I didn't know God was in charge of the song I chose to sing today. I guess He was. Thank goodness the young man didn't tell me the story until after church or I couldn't have gotten through the song. The story is: He had an older brother who was going to work on his bicycle. He was a teen at the time and someone hit and killed him. My friend, the sound man, told me that Amazing Grace had not been sung at this church very often for a long time because...Amazing Grace was sung at his brother's funeral AND TODAY WOULD HAVE BEEN HIS BROTHERS BIRTHDAY!!

Co-incidences? Maybe. Maybe not.