Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh what a mess I am in!

I should be cleaning house. I could say that almost every day. I SHOULD! But I am adding to the mess and having a good time. I always do. Have a good time. That is me. Below is a picture of a bunch of Christmas gifts. Last year, in lieu of Christmas cards for people at my church I made MANY 1/2 pint jars of Apple Butter, one for each family in my little church. Lots of work. Getting lazy I guess and don't want to do that again. A friend of mine in CA said I "might be creating a monster" because she made jam/jelly one year for neighbors and they let her know they were disappointed when the next year rolled around and there was no jam/jelly to be had. The picture you see is the result of bringing home a Craft 'n Things magazine from the library. These are cookies in a jar and the parishable ingredients are to be added by the recipient of the gift when they get ready to have some quick cookies. Of course, the recipe is not EXACTLY as printed in the magazine. Never is out here where I live. No store close by. And then, of course, I couldn't gift these cookies in a jar without trying the recipe. One banana and four cookies later, I deem these cookies in a jar worth gifting. They will have a Christmas patterned cloth w/ribbon round the top. These cookies in a jar is intended for each family in my choir. You choir members who follow my blog will need to act surprised when you receive them!