Monday, April 12, 2010

To those who encourage

I just received an e-mail from 'my lurker'. A very encouraging letter it was. I don't know this lady personally but she told me she checks on my blog almost every day. I had pretty much stopped blogging because I believe those of you whom I know personally would have gotten tired of hearing about 'all things thread'. My friend Clif, my former minister in Phoenix, is an encourger also. He told me that he believed that I had interesting things to say even tho' I might not have pictures to go with that particular blog. (I had a new computer and had not yet learned to transfer the pictures from my camera) My Lurker has spurred me on a bit. I am almost finished the top of my crazy quilt ( which my baby brother has already claimed) and am anxious to get to it this morning...and not so anxious to get my kitchen cleaned up but decided that I would make a quick post just because of those of you who encourage.

I really have nothing much more to share so I will find some eye candy just because I enjoy looking at the pictures

Have a wonderful and blessed day, I plan on doing the same.

I took the picture from my back door, perhaps last Summer, I don't remember and don't care to take the time to find out. My quilt is calling me very loudly, hang the kitchen.