Monday, August 16, 2010

Didn't It Rain...

I can hear the melody in my head...DIDN'T IT RAIN CHILDREN? RAIN ALL THE TIME.  Old quartet song.  I often hear an old song in my head related to conversation, events, sights.  The curse (to others) and just who I am.  I have been involved in music from the very beginning.

Rain?  Oh boy.  We had an all time 'gully washer' in our aria last night.  I was at church when it hit.  I live 11 miles away from church and out in the desert.  My daughter called and said, "If you are coming home you had better come now".  I didn't catch the call.  I don't have a clue what she meant when she said, "If you are coming home...".  At any rate, the lights went out in Georgia...oops, no that is another song.  The lights went out at church and it didn't even slow us down.  We finished the song/praise service, the preacher can do what he does in any  situation (I am convinced) and the service went on.  I told my preacher's wife that I sure hoped I could get home.  I took my storm/walking shoes out of the trunk at church just in case I had to have them to walk home.  By the time I headed home, the washes had washed (water had already run off) and I made it home with no event.  Just skirted the deep water places in my dirt washboard road and made it home.  As soon as I got home, I received a call from my son.  He and his new lady had made a very lovely pasta dish with seafood and I was invited over to share.  In the car again, .3 of a mile to his house.  Very tasty and welcome dish.  Even better company.  He followed his lady as she drove to where the pavement started to see that she made it OK.  Exciting night.  Several limbs down.  Hole punched in one of my window screens.  I failed to roll up the outside sun shades because I didn't believe the storm would reach us.  We often do not get the rain when others do.  Grandson and son-in-love came over in the storm and rolled up the shades before a window got punched out.  I love living close to my family who loves me.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.             That's all folks, until another event.  Now, on to my sewing room.