Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Uninvited guest

Yesterday, as I was closing the shades against the sun, preparing to head for town I looked out my window and on the front porch was this big fellow/girl?? MC has dispatched several of these even though it is illegal to do so in AZ because she has several animal and fowl she wants to keep safe. Most of the time this happens in the early morning when it is still cool and the snakes are a bit slow. This fellow was on the very warm porch (it reached 93 degrees at the peak of the heat yesterday) and snakes are NOT slow when it is not cool. I usually am not unusally afraid of snakes but this one gave me goosebumps...really! It was very large around the middle. Just eaten? Pregnant? We don't know. Becky called the fire department and we stayed and visited with the snake until the fire truck got there. Every time the snake felt safe and started to move I would stamp my feet on the porch or throw a walnut shell (I had not swept up the shells after cracking the CA walnuts my oldest brother had gotten to me) and it would make the snake nervous again and it stayed coiled and ready to strike. It took the firemen about 30-45 minutes to get to my house even though they are only 1/2 mile away. They was fighting a fire someplace and still smelled smokey. By the way Kala, one of them was the cute fireman we hoped were at the fire station. ;-) My oldest granddaughter and I thought about going to the fire house when it was first established, taking cookies to them in welcome and checking out the cute? firemen in uniform. Never did it but I found out our cookies could not have been accepted. They are supposed to take the snake and release it only a mile from where they find it. They took it out to a road just a tiny bite farther than a mile (thank you cute firemen), I left for my errands in town but stopped at a wonderfully yummy Mexican fast food restaurant which is 11 miles from my house and the closest establishment from me. The firemen walked in to get lunch. I walked over to them with a $20 and told them I would like to buy them lunch. I got a BIG AND VERY FIRM "no thank you". Another granddaughter who lives next door to me told me that there were some officials (Police??) visiting their school one time and told them they were allow to accept NO gifts at all.

I hope this uninvited guest doesn't find it's way back here.

I will post something else when I find something you would be interested.

Don't forget to click on the pictures so that you can see the guest a bit better.