Friday, May 7, 2010

Home again, home again jiggidy jig

I know, I know, I have entitled my blogs with that same title in the past but I always think it and also always thank God for a safe trip.

This trip was to Palm Springs, CA. My oldest daughter went with me. Some day I hope it will be a trip with both daughters but the youngest daughter still has small children to take care of. Some day...

We were going to be away a week, Fri. to Fri. but came home a day early. We did and saw everything that we were interested in and it was time to come home. I think my sweet son-in-law wanted me to give his wife back to him. :-) When we left he was in bed with the flu and still didn't whine. He recovered enough to go to church on Sun. and to work on Mon. but I know he was happy to have us home early.

NO ONE would enjoy taking the vacations Becky and I take. We did garage sales and thrift store all Sat. and F-I-L-L-E-D the car with treasures. We hit one yard sale just as the people were packing it in and they almost gave away the things we were interested in. Becky bought two huge boxes of clothing. Just as soon as she got home she started sorting and washing. Some for her family and some for people at church. The trunk of my car was full of clothing. We took it out of the boxes so we could get it in the trunk. All for $2 !!!!! I bought a large box of books for making quilts and another box of material scraps for quilts. Half of the pattern books were for cross stitch. I will give those to a lady at my church. I DO N-O-T DO CROSS STITCH. I tried it once and it bores me sillier.

We drove to Redlands to see a cousin and an aunt of mine. My aunt will soon turn 90 years old. She and I used to be near the same size I believe. Now I can see that there may be a chance I will be frail. I saved clothing for years because I thought I might someday be old and frail, well, I became old but the frail didn't come with it. Frail I am not. My aunt is now frail but still a Blanton (my maiden name). Being a Blanton is an attitude: I can do it...I can handle it...I don't need any help! Blanton thru and thru. My youngest daughter once told me, "Let people help you mom, it blesses THEM" I told my aunt that and she immediately gave me the handle of her oxygen tank to pull for her. We Blantons are not totally unreasonable :-)

We had a great time. I am blessed to have children who love me and enjoy spending time with me............home again, home again.........until the next trip