Sunday, March 8, 2009

Too Funny

After seeing all the PJ bottoms and pairs I made for me and Kala, BB decided he would like a pair. He chose the material from my stash. He thought the blue denim stripe looked pretty OK for himself. I made them yesterday. Problem: Most of the stuff in my stash came from garage sales, thrift stores, yard sales. You get the picture. When I laid the material out I found there was not enough to make the PJ pants unless... :-) You can see. :-D :-D We all thought they were hilarious. I decided to go ahead and make them up anyway because I didn't have a man pattern. I cut them from my pattern, took out some of the curvey hip, made them for straight up and down and longer. I needed to make them up to see what I need to do to make the next pair. Everyone was over here for dinner last night (huge, everything in it, salad and Pasta with the sauce on it that I call 'heart attack on a plate' I never remember the name of that sauce. All butter, cream and something Regiano cheese. I have holes in my mind. Not to worry, I have had those holes for a long time. It just involves proper names. ANYWAY, BB put on the PJ pants, we all had our guffaws, son-in-law had his trusty whatchamacallit phone with all the bells and whistles, as he always does and took the picture, zipped it right back to me as soon as he got home and now you can see the reason for all the laughter. I will make BB another pair (or two) with enough yardage for a better pair, I will make the adjustments to make them fit a bit better and he will be all comfy when he kicks

back for the evening.