Friday, July 10, 2009

Dust storms

A long time friend who lives in OR ask me to discribe a dust storm because of a comment I made on my Facebook page. I typed in 'dust storm' on google and clicked on 'pictures' and found that most of the pictures were in a far away desert and the storms there are much more daunting than the ones we have here.

I am remember a great and very fun dust storm 2 or 3 years ago because I was seeing in thru my grand daughters eyes. Kala is very excited about weather. Extreme wheather that is. This was one of the finer dust storms. It came right across our part of my desert. People with swimming pools hate dust storms. It brings in all kinds of contaminates along with the dust and does a nasty number on swimming pools.

In my desert you can see where it is raining a long way off. God sends a column from His Heaven down to the earth and you KNOW there is a lot of rain falling in that area.

A little aside: When my husband and I and two of our kids were traveling from CT to CA on our motorcycles (Suzuki 850 full dress touring bikes) we got to AZ and here was a column like I described above. I zipped up to him and yelled "I am NOT riding into that" and he zipped away yelling, "Give HIM a moving target". Silly me, I followed

Anyway, when there is a dust storm, caused by a lot of wind in the storm, starts kicking up you can see that column but it is a dirty brown instead of the cloudy gray that is usually there in just rain.

When Kala was here, after the storm passed by (does that remind you of a song?) we looked at the sky in it's passing and the sky was fuschia and lavender and purple in color and very beautiful. I am happy to say that Kala didn's sprout wings and fly away from me nor get very much dust under her contacts.

There Idy, hope that is enough description for you. I wish I knew where the pictures were of that mighty & beautiful dust storm.

Since I don't know where those pictures are I will give you a little eye candy. This picture is right outside my kitchen door. Are you jealous?