Monday, May 31, 2010


 The crazy quilt above was claimed by BB.  It is at this very moment on his bed.  He loved it the minute he saw it before it was even finished.  It may have taken me 3-4 months to finish it.  I was so tired of working on this on that I couldn't wait for it to be on his bed.  

I have discovered something anew about myself.  I TOTALLY HATE, HATE, HATE repetition.  I hate it when a song doesn't know when the song should be over and keeps repeating  near the end.  I want to ask whoever is leading the song if they don't know how to end it or if they don't know that it is supposed to be finished.  Relating that, I am now working on yet another quilt.  All the quilt blocks were finished and hand sewn in the recommended way with 1/4 " seams.  Of course I had to recut those blocks because they were very tattered on the edges.  It will not be a very large quilt.  I think the person ran out of matching yardage because there are some odd ball blocks  and she got discouraged and quit.  I don't know how long it will take me to finish this one.  Same thing over and over.  BORING!  I think Crazy Quilts are my forte.  It is constantly changing.  Being bored with the repetition of the quilt I am working on now, I left it in the middle of the L.R. floor and started working on a Victorian Crazy Patch.  IDEA STRUCK!  It became the front of a top for a new dress for me.  Almost finished!  Picture forth coming.

Above is the quilt I finished for my AZ granddaughter
She really likes bright colors so this one just fit the bill. 
Remember that I am almost always working with
things other people throw away.  These oblong pieces
came to me precut.  Smelly.  Must have been in some-
ones basement in the midwest.  I had to wash them and
of course I had to iron and recut each piece.  What you
see running from top to bottom is cording (from a
yard sale) covered with various fabric.  It took me just
a week to make this one.  It also took every bit of
batting I had on hand including small pieces here and
there.  It is almost a comforter.