Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Favorite thing to do

I first learned to knit when my oldest was just a baby. He is now 48 y/o. I love to knit. Love to feel the yarn, love to CREATE and love to see how it turns out. I learned to crochet when we moved to CT. in 1975. I have crocheted off and on many times during those years from '75 until now. I like the look of the knitted projects but enjoy crocheting the most because it is much faster than knitting and, as a friend of my sis-in-law said, "Crocheting is very forgiving". It is. A mistake can be made and rather than having to frog back to the error, sometimes you can cheat and make the error unnoticeable.

Two ladies in my church have undertaken service to the homeless. A couple of weeks ago, they ask for blankets, hats, whatever we could donate for the cold winter nights here for the homeless. I pulled out a pattern for crocheted stocking hats and set to work. From that Sun. to Wed. I had crocheted 12 hats. I am well on the way to that many once again. It is so much fun and almost instantly gratifing because they are finished so quickly.

I am including the first pattern that I crocheted for a stocking hat and then my revision for the way I am making them now. I hope the pattern is understandable for those that would like to try it. If there is some confusion in the pattern feel free to e-mail me and ask for an explaination.

Below is a great web site for crocheters. I just found it while looking up a crochet stitch (Shrimp Stitch).


This is the original pattern that I got from someplace on the web.



RND 1: Ch 4. Join, work 12 dc into ring, join
RND 2: *2dc in ea st* around, join. (24 dc)
RND 3: *1 dc in next st, 2 dc in next st* around, join (36dc)
RND 4: *1 dc in next 2st, 2dc in next st* around, join (48dc)
RND 5: *1 dc in next 3st, 2dc in next* around, join (60dc)
RND 6-14: dc in ea st around, join
RND 15: sc in ea st around, join.
Fasten off.
Here is how I have been working the hats. You can change the size of a hat by changing types of yarn and/or the size of the hook (sports, 1 strand of sports and 1 strand of worsted, two strands of worsted). I have been using 2 strands of worsted to make adult hats.

I have been using a K hook, but use whatever you have but use a large one.

RND 1-4 same as the original pattern. At end of each row I slip st into the top of the beginning of last row to join then chain 2 or 3 if using 2 strands of worsted.
RND 5 and each following rows dc in each st.

until the hat is long enough to cover the ears:. I try on the hats occasionally to see if it will cover the ears or have George try it on to see how much more to cover the ears on a man.

Last row sc in each st around.

I enjoy using scrap yarn. When one of the balls of scrap yarn runs out I simply tie on another one, no matter what color. Often I use two different colors, one strand of one color and one strand of a different color. It is fun to see how they turn out.

When I made a child’s hat, I increased up to 2 dc then 1 increase before I started dc all around. Otherwise the hat gets too big. Also, if it is obviously a little girls hat, instead of a single crochet around at the last row, I do 2 dc in each stitch all around and makes a cute little brim.

Sometimes I use a half double crochet stitch for the last row.
Sometimes I us a Shrimp Stitch to finish.

I still, after all the hats I have made, sometimes have to frog it back a ways and do it a different way.

Monday, December 29, 2008


I must admit and confess that I have been unfaithful to you dear friends and readers. I have found other interest and...I lead, to some, a boring life. To me, my life is blessed and in no way boring. The unfaithful part, I have spent a whole lot of time on Facebook these last few weeks ;>( To those of you who have missed me, I appologize. But, by being on Facebook each day (playing Scrabble with my Tennessee Songbird (my baby daughter) I have daily contact, even if it is just saying a few words on the inst. msg. part of the scrabble game. I lose almost every time miserably but enjoy playing. The game is much different than the board game you may play at home and no one is watching a waiting, waiting, waiting for me to play and I enjoy the Facebook game much more because of that very thing.

Two women at my little church are involved with the homeless and the services supplied to them. Laat week they requested that each of us search our homes for things needed by the homeless: blankets, hats, anything they might be able to use. In the past, both in Iowa,(a group of ladies who called themselves 'Care & Share) and at home in Scottsdale while staying with my mom every minute after I moved her into my home, I knitted or crocheted hats. It is basically a brainless thing to do and a very gratifying thing to do for me because each hat is quickly done. I have made dozens and dozens of them. So, last week, while some of you were faithful to me and kept checking on my blog, I was making hats for the homeless. From Sun. to Wed. I made a dozen hats (told you it is quick and brainless) and am off and running again this week making some more. It is very cold here, for us desert rats, especially during the night. I have to go out each morning and break about half an inch of ice off the chickens water containers.

I will post some pictures to let you see other things I have been doing. I have so many pictures on my computer I will need to delete some soon I think. If the computer had seams, they would be bulging, (like my clothing after Christmas dinner).

Thank you for caring.

The first four pictures are of our Thanksgiving. I decided that I did't want to go to all that work with turkey and all the trimmings. So...we had hamburgers. They were a little more than just BBQ'ed Burgers. They were double burgers, some beef and some turkey, stuffed with cheese and green chilis. We had a huge bowl of Tortilla chips and another huge bowl of homemade Pico de Gallo. Beth taught me how to make that Pico de Gallo when I was in Tennessee. Oh my goodness, BIG YUM. I could eat it with a spoon, kinda like soup. We were all stuffed like some people's turkeys and happy with it all. BB had been very ill but still volenteered to cook the burgers. It was a rainy day. #1S is helping. You will notice he is in shirt sleeves. He spent several years cutting meat and grew to enjoy the cold. My only AZ grandson is also in the picture.

The next two pictures are of a collage of pictures my oldest grandaughter took of me while she lived with me for a couple of years and going to college in Tucson. You will have seen some of those pictures as headers on this blog. She then stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG! doing one of the pictures in charcoal. Click on the pictures and it will make them larger and easier to see.

The last two pictures are of an afghan I made for a friend at church. I made if for Mr. J. but I found out Sunday, Mrs. J. has taken control of it. It is very cold here. I told him I may make him another one but he may not get it until Spring. I have too many other things I want to make.

I will stop for now. Some of you will look at this lengthy blog and shut down. I will save more for later.

Checking on this before I publish it, I found it is so long that I don't even want to proof read it...........Oh well, what you see is what you get. Some of you did ask for it.......... ;>)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

One more Roy website


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Easy way out

I am going to take the easy, non-thinking way of entertaining you today. I have just this a.m. discovered a website of a very dear friend. Take a look at his cartoons. I think you will enjoy them.


Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

OK, OK. I know my limitations. I am not a pro with this handy dandy little camera. BB is/was a pro. photog. and would have known what to do but he and #1S were no where to be found to provide help. So, if you click on the dark pictures I believe you will be able to see them a little better. I did that this a.m. and couldn't find my way back and lost an almost complete blog!!! Won't do that again today.

The Seven of us left on Friday for Bisbee, AZ about 10 a.m. for the weekend. We got ourselves situated in a very nice hotel in Sierra Vista, AZ, which #1S provided for us all, then we headed for Bisbee. They touted a Christmas lite celebration in which the town was to be lighted at 6 p.m. We were there for the ceremony. Afterwards they had a program which involved a former mayor of Bisbee and the current mayor. Yawn! Then they had 13 acts. There were tiny tots in Christmas outfits doing dances and were adorable. There were also dancers from Naco, MX. I don't think that is the whole name of the area in Mexico but I do at least remember that much. Some very colorful costumes and enjoyable dances.

Below, the first two pictures are of the Somethingorother Queen Hotel. Can't remember the whole name right now. It has been renovated in the last 10-15 years. I was told that my late hubby, his sis and hubby and I ate in the dining room some years ago but don't remember that either. I may have to be commited soon.

The next two pictures are of some of the adorable tiny tots in costume So sorry you can hardly see them. Remember to click on the picture. Makes them larger and a bit more visible.

After the "show" and being thankful we were in the middle of the three tiered bleachers (we were kept reasonably warm by bodies that surrounded us) we went to "The Texas Outhouse". When that establishment first came to town I couldn't remember the correct name, "Texas.........."HUMMM, the name is gone again. You probably know what it is. (While proof reading this I remembered, "Texas Roadhouse") Anyway, we went to that place to have dinner. The following is a picture of Danny Girl aka. Danica. MC's daughter

Mike........MC's son, not quite ready for the picture to be taken.

MC's sweet hubby



#1S Humm again. Do you suppose they practiced those wonderful smiles?

And then there is that OLD lady that keeps showing up in family pictures. Looks as if she was not quite ready for the picture to be taken either.

Last but not least is the lady who waited on us. What a special person. She and #1S sparred the whole time. She did a great job of keeping up with his teasing. He is a pro at giving people a run for their money, all in fun, and she kept up with him very well.

And a good time was had by all.

On Sat. Bisbee had a craft fair. Another Yawn. It was OK. We had a good time just all being there together but the fair at Bisbee was less than I expected. We wore me out. I was so exhausted that I didn't sleep well the whole time I was there and the hip joints and one knee kept protesting. Today, I am OK. I think I have survived and will recover. A little more slowly than in years past. I must be as old as that OLD lady that keeps showing up in our family pictures.