Monday, June 7, 2010

Just for fun

A few weeks ago my oldest daughter and I spent a week in Palm Springs.  I believe I may have told you about that already.  Becky and I enjoy going to yard sales when we are on vacation with only us.  No one else in our family enjoy that as much as we do.  While we were there, we stopped at a sale where the people were already closing up shop and packing all the boxes to take inside.  Good timing  :-)  "Take it away, almost free".  I bought a box full of very nice books on quilting.  In one of the books there were two pages of examples of Victorian quilt squares.  Just for fun I started playing with small  pieces of  material and lace and also the embroidery stitches on my Bernina Sewing machine.  As the pieces were coming together I thought, "I think I would enjoy this being the top of a dress.  The pictures above are the pictures of the final result.  I wore the dress to church yesterday.  It was so comfortable I wore it all day and then to church again in the evening.  I am thinking, "More dresses similar to this one"