Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My desert

I love my desert.  I hate the cold that is anyplace else.  I wouldn't want to live anywhere except right here in my desert does have occasional drawbacks.
     My AC is not working well right now.  I have someone coming to look/repair it on Friday!   The temps have been well over 100 degrees for about a week now.   I have 20 windows in my house.  I love those windows.  So bright in my house.    I have small rectangle windows high above my regular kitchen windows.  Kitchen windows that face South and West.  A whole lot of light, (Summer sun) coming in those windows.  HOT, HOT, HOT!!  I have double accordion shades AND old fashioned roller shades in those windows.  Nothing in the rectangle windows above.  Some of the roller shades have disintrigrated (my little word dictionary can't even help me spell that word correctly) over the seven years that I have lived here so I had to make do with some stuff I had in my sewing room stash.  For the windows over top, I have many Fry's Grocery Store bags.  Can't wait for the AC man to get here.
     Another problem:  Several times over those seven years my desert spews forth different kinds of little bugs, by the hundreds!  It has happened overnight.   So far not many of them have gotten into the far.  They are tiny elongated golden fly type bugs.  AND they bite!  A time or two in other years they have gotten into the house.  Had to vacuum them off the walls, out of the light fixtures and off my bed before I could crawl in.
Other times the bugs have been teeny tiny hard shelled beetle type bugs that can hardly be squashed.  None of those  this year...yet.
   I still love my desert.  I think I will lie down and read.  Cooler that way.  
                                   HEY!  AC MAN.  YOU WILL BE WELCOME HERE.