Friday, August 28, 2009

This and that

I haven't had very much to share in quite some time. Today I thought I would find something if I just started typing..........nothing yet.
A rattler crawled out of the bushes heading for under the porch last night. I was sitting on my front porch at dusk watching the sun go down and my temporary house guest was walking home from my daugher's house after a brief visit. I called to her to watch for snakes ( just being silly), her eyes dropped to the ground and thankfully, saw that very snake. She was as antimated as I have ever seen her. She is usually very quiet and reserved. She went to the garage the next day and dug thru her belonging and found 3-three-many flashlights. :-)

I have about 50-50 roosters to hens and one duck. Poor duck... the roosters believe she is a chicken. I am beginning to think that we may end up with Duckins! I keep telling her to sit in the tub of water I have out there for her and she will be safe. She tends to ignore me.

I am still walking every day that I can. I believe I will be more inclined to walk more often when it cools off a bit more. We are promised it will be in the 90's next week.

Choir practice starts on Sept. 2nd. I am looking forward to it. I have the choir area rearranged (with the help of our church handy man) and all the music at the ready, including the Christmas cantata. I have arranged the Christmas and Easter cantata for the last 3 seasons but just couldn't get inspired this time so I ordered it. It is 'The Love of God at Christmas' It has a bit of a special meaning to me. When I was just out of high school and getting ready to start San Jose Bible College, I was in a trio. We sang one Sunday morning at Curtner Ave. Church of Christ (where I was married several years later) and my future husband was in the congregation. He saw and remembered me and remembered the song we sang.

Our record heat for yesterdays date was 106 degrees. We reached 105. That may happen again today. I am staying in the house a lot. I had to make a run to the bank yesterday. Sometimes life just required being on the run. I plan to be in the house all day today!!

Now I will try to find a picture for you that you may not have seen.

The following picture is of two of my granddaughters. The one with the big smile is my AZ granddaughter and the little one trying her best to get her picture taken is my TN granddaughter. This picture was taken in June when some of us were able to go to my TN grandsons graduation.