Thursday, July 9, 2009

I am still learning to use this new computer with the new thing-a-ma-jiggie picture doo-dad. Below is one many of you will have seen already because it is on my Facebook page. It is a picture of me and my AZ granddaughter. She and her brother are going to summer school. She had a project to do and the subject she choose was pirates. So of course I had to try the hat on. This was a Sunday night after church. Sun. a.m. Sun p.m. Wed p.m. and some in between. Bet many of you haven't attended a church that has that many services in a week in many a year. We have a new minister who is only 58 years old and is very old school and I like that. We have a new web site that is in the 'construction' stage right now. You might like to take a look.