Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I haven't had anything of any interest to the whole group of you for several days so...nothing here.

Sitting here, working on my newest project, I have been thinking of things that I might put here, so, taking a meandering path, here is what I have thought of.

I accidently was able to transfer pictures from my camera to my new computer one time, now I can't find the path. My baby bro told me last night he would show me AGAIN, but we both got distracted and we forgot AGAIN. I have a few pictures on the camera that you might be interested in but they, sadly, remain on the camera for now.

I lost a chicken several weeks ago to a trap. It got caught inbetween the hogwire fence (wide weave to keep the larger wild animals OUT and the chicken wire to keep the chickens IN) and It was hidden and not found until the ants had feasted very well.
I almost lost another chicken to a similar trap. I went out to feed the chickens yesterday and there were chicken feathers all over the ground. I looked for chicken parts, believing that an owl or some such thing had gotten in and feasted once again but no, not so. Last night when I was filling all the containters with fresh water, I spotted the poor little chicken trapped between the large basin that I have in there for the duck to rest in (not big enough for the duck to swim but enough for it to get it's duck longings fulfilled), trapped between the duck basin and the fence. I pulled the basin away from the fence and out the chicken popped. Poor thing had spent the whole day trapped in that place. Fortunately, it was protected again the sun for most of the day.

Another 'fortunately' I am not really alone. besides my Father in Heaven, I am surrounded by people who love me and have people who love me that live far away. But, being a widow with a GREAT attitude I can count the benefits.

I would love to have my HONEY back again but I try not to look back. Loving life the Lord has given me.

Thats it for now, until I can pull those pictures off the camera and on the computer to share with you

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Way too funny

These pictures came into my email this a.m. entitled
I couldn't resist sharing.............:-)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 18, 2009 Storm in the desert

We had an amazing storm blow through here last night. I won't even bother to tag each picture, just look, enjoy and even perhaps be happy you were not here. As for BB and me, we danced in the rain and tried to stay out of the lightenings path.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Old age and Peek-a-boo

No pictures today, I am too tired to fool with trying to find the proper one to post.
Old age and peek-a-boo? Here is the relation. Peek-a-boo, meaning that diabetes is playing peek-a-boo with my body. I have been very healthy all my life. Now that I readily admit to being an old lady, I have to admit that he body is not what I wish it would be. I have had a couple of blood test, the first when having my yearly physical. The second was a follow up on the results of the first test. I won't bore you with the numbers on the glucose test but the doctor didn't like them. I am not a huge sweet eater but do indulge when an occasion arises. I have cut out the honey in my oatmeat every morning and try not to be tempted with other sweets. I have started walking 1.8 miles every day that I can. The second test showed that I had knocked the number down about 11 points and the doctor said 'No treatment needed at this time and see me in 6 months". Yeah! But oh boy! That walking is sure hard on me. My body tried to lose about 3 lbs but I am fighting the weight loss,
I put it right back on again. Sad. I walk every day that I can. Sometimes I just can't make myself get out that door. Too tired,(go to bed tired, get up tired) too hot,(it was 106 degrees when I went to bed at night, no way was I going to walk last evening) not time enought today,(Church) but I will keep trying because I have a dear sweet friend/neighbor that is a nurse and tells me that just a bit of excercise with beat back the disease.

Tomorrow, if I don't find an excuse not to walk, I will take you on my walk with me with my camera.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hodge Podge of pictures

Here is another picture of the esteemed graduate and a friend at the reception at the school where he graduated.

This is my AZ granddaughter and my China Doll stretching her neck to be sure to get in the picture

Lily and one of Spencer's best friends. Note the hat. In Music City area the kids pretty well set the style. Whatever appeals to them at the moment is what they wear I suppose. He is a cutie. I know someone who wanted to get better acquainted with him but I won't tell you who she is.

I like to call this picture, "Show me the way to go home..." Some of you may remember the words to that song.


My favorite TN son-in-law, Kala's sweet dad. Sadly I didn't get any pictures of Kala's mom at all. At least none that she would appreciate me showing the whole world.

This is a picture of all my baby chicks and one duck who thinks it is a chick. They are all fully grown now. This picture was taken the early part of June. My baby bro and my favorite AZ son-in-law both have jobs at grammer school's (I don't know what grammer school is called these days. When I mentioned something about the grammer school I attended my AZ granddaughter ask me if I was especially poor in grammer and had to go to a special school) At any rate, as a science project it is a common practice in grammer schools here to hatch chickens and the teachers have to find homes for the new babies. We have them :-)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

New pictures

Below is 'Sam the Man' with chocolate on mouth and I don't know what the hand sign is for. It was in another picture I took also

Below is Lily, our Little China Doll, modeling a back pack I crocheted for her. The hat was supposed to be for Sam but he declared it was much too babish for him to wear for crazy hat day. He wants one with crocheted spikes. I am going to have to figure out how to do that.

My almost 19 y/o high school graduate. Looks like a college grad doesn't he?

My sweet daughter, her very sweet hubby, proud parents of the grad

The loving and lovely older sister of the grad

Whoops. A bit out of order. I zipped you up to Indianapolis. This is my 94 y/o mom-in-law. She will be 95 in December.

This is of course me and my oldest granddaughter. Wish I had her back in Marana with me. I don't believe that will ever happen but I can dream can't I? She was MINE, MINE, MINE for two years while she went to school here and many people at church came to love her and often ask about her.

There you have it for today. Maybe I will get back to 'farm' issues tomorrow.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dust storms

A long time friend who lives in OR ask me to discribe a dust storm because of a comment I made on my Facebook page. I typed in 'dust storm' on google and clicked on 'pictures' and found that most of the pictures were in a far away desert and the storms there are much more daunting than the ones we have here.

I am remember a great and very fun dust storm 2 or 3 years ago because I was seeing in thru my grand daughters eyes. Kala is very excited about weather. Extreme wheather that is. This was one of the finer dust storms. It came right across our part of my desert. People with swimming pools hate dust storms. It brings in all kinds of contaminates along with the dust and does a nasty number on swimming pools.

In my desert you can see where it is raining a long way off. God sends a column from His Heaven down to the earth and you KNOW there is a lot of rain falling in that area.

A little aside: When my husband and I and two of our kids were traveling from CT to CA on our motorcycles (Suzuki 850 full dress touring bikes) we got to AZ and here was a column like I described above. I zipped up to him and yelled "I am NOT riding into that" and he zipped away yelling, "Give HIM a moving target". Silly me, I followed

Anyway, when there is a dust storm, caused by a lot of wind in the storm, starts kicking up you can see that column but it is a dirty brown instead of the cloudy gray that is usually there in just rain.

When Kala was here, after the storm passed by (does that remind you of a song?) we looked at the sky in it's passing and the sky was fuschia and lavender and purple in color and very beautiful. I am happy to say that Kala didn's sprout wings and fly away from me nor get very much dust under her contacts.

There Idy, hope that is enough description for you. I wish I knew where the pictures were of that mighty & beautiful dust storm.

Since I don't know where those pictures are I will give you a little eye candy. This picture is right outside my kitchen door. Are you jealous?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I am still learning to use this new computer with the new thing-a-ma-jiggie picture doo-dad. Below is one many of you will have seen already because it is on my Facebook page. It is a picture of me and my AZ granddaughter. She and her brother are going to summer school. She had a project to do and the subject she choose was pirates. So of course I had to try the hat on. This was a Sunday night after church. Sun. a.m. Sun p.m. Wed p.m. and some in between. Bet many of you haven't attended a church that has that many services in a week in many a year. We have a new minister who is only 58 years old and is very old school and I like that. We have a new web site that is in the 'construction' stage right now. You might like to take a look.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Ol' Desert Dweller

So sorry my good friends, I have not been a good friend to some of you for a long time. My youngest daughter set me up with Facebook over a year ago and though I didn't believe I would be interested in it I spend my recreation computer time there which is at the very minimum about an hour a day. I have caught up with MANY friend, some whom I have not seen in over 40 years! Most of the time I play Facebook Scrabble with several different people, one of whom is my TN daughter. It is so nice to have contact with her even if it is only a sentence or two each day.

I have a new computer, compliments of my AZ daughter and her sweet hubby BUT I don't have it all set up completely yet. I started to put some pictures of my trip to TN and my family there but can't (or don't know how) to do it yet.

I have all my pictures from my last computer on a disk and will try to figure out how to put some of them on here for you (and just to see if I can do it.

Bare with me while I get the computer figured out and also until I get real tired of Facebook.

HA! I did it :-) The picture is of Spencer (Kala's brother to some of you) It is his graduation picture from high school. Looks like it should be his graduation picture from college, right?

That is all for now. I will try to get this computer set up so I can get more pictures to you sometime in the future.