Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Florida 2010

The two pictures you see here is what happens on vacation sometimes.  The flower you see is on Kala's side.  It is a tattoo she designed.  It is permanent!!!! and Spencer's is a Latin phrase and I can't remember what it means.  Must mean a lot to these two kids because this particular vacation will ALWAYS be remembered.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Good thoughts

A few weeks ago I visited my family in Redlands, CA for a 90th birthday celebration of an aunt.  (See pictures a few blogs back)  While there, I went to church with my aunt, cousin and brother.  Lowell Linden, the senior pastor at that church writes 'daily readings' for the newspaper and has made a book from those little entries.  I was gifted with a book while there and have been enjoying reading it.  The following is one that especially impacted me.

Teddy Roosefelt said once in a speech that it was better to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs and even to endure some failures than to be one of those poor spirits who never taste the victory or suffer defeat because they live in a gray twilight zone of no-risk safety.  Life is a risk.  Sometimes we forget that.  When we weep, we risk being seen as sentimental.  When we laugh, we risk being seen as a fool.  When we reach out towards another human being, we risk involvement.  When we love, we risk not being loved in return.  

But the greatest risk in all of human history was the risk God took when He sent His Son into the world.  God loved the world enough to send His Son and give His life upon the cross for our sins.  That was the greatest risk in all eternity.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pictures later

It really goes against my grain to be dependent on someone else but that is the way it is these days sometimes.  Must get someone to help me download my pictures from vacation.  I do have a few that I have stolen from my granddaughter's bunch.  Thank you Kala. 

My family all went to West Palm Beach, FL for a week.  Seven from TN (a grandson's friend included) and six from AZ.  BB couldn't join us.  He has a new job that started about the week we all left here so he had to stay home.  So sad for that ol' beach, surfer, hippy fellow.  I KNOW he hated not being there, especially when he started seeing the beach pictures.  I did bring him home some seaweed, sand and seashells in a water bottle.  Isn't that sweet of me?  NOT!
Thirteen people and all thirteen of us were only in the same place twice but that was OK.  Almost everyone had their own interest and went their own way every day.  It was a great vacation for everyone I believe. .

These are pictures taken by Kala.  The first one is Kala, Sam and Lily,  all brothers and sisters.  The second is of Spence, Kala's little bro.  6'6" !!!  The last is Kala and yours truly,Oh my, sometimes I kinda wish for the face of years ago.  I did get a free dermabrasion.  It is amazing what a full day in the FL sun will do to the skin and then another day under an umbrella in the wind...all day.  I have left part of me from FL to here.  Just wish I could left some of my hips instead of what I did leave.