Saturday, April 10, 2010

I have received via e-mail several times a forward that says: every night someone goes to sleep thinking about you, and many other uplifting things. I tried to find it with Google but failed. I wanted to post it on here in case YOU have not seen it. The reason I wanted to find it is because recently I have been contacted by a couple of people I had no idea read my blog. One person called herself 'the lurker'. She stumbled upon my blog perhaps because of a common interest in crocheting. She had been looking for the pattern of the sweater/jacket I made and put pictures on my blog of me wearing the sweater. I got the pattern to her. I am anxious Ms. Lurker to know how you are coming along with the sweater.

Another long time friend contacted me yesterday. She had kept up with my blog because it was pointed out to her by her dad and sister. Two other long time friends.

Just because I don't like to post anything w/out pictures, below are a couple of pictures of some new babies in my chicken yard.

Someday, if I receive that e-mail again, I will post it on here for you to read.