Monday, December 29, 2008


I must admit and confess that I have been unfaithful to you dear friends and readers. I have found other interest and...I lead, to some, a boring life. To me, my life is blessed and in no way boring. The unfaithful part, I have spent a whole lot of time on Facebook these last few weeks ;>( To those of you who have missed me, I appologize. But, by being on Facebook each day (playing Scrabble with my Tennessee Songbird (my baby daughter) I have daily contact, even if it is just saying a few words on the inst. msg. part of the scrabble game. I lose almost every time miserably but enjoy playing. The game is much different than the board game you may play at home and no one is watching a waiting, waiting, waiting for me to play and I enjoy the Facebook game much more because of that very thing.

Two women at my little church are involved with the homeless and the services supplied to them. Laat week they requested that each of us search our homes for things needed by the homeless: blankets, hats, anything they might be able to use. In the past, both in Iowa,(a group of ladies who called themselves 'Care & Share) and at home in Scottsdale while staying with my mom every minute after I moved her into my home, I knitted or crocheted hats. It is basically a brainless thing to do and a very gratifying thing to do for me because each hat is quickly done. I have made dozens and dozens of them. So, last week, while some of you were faithful to me and kept checking on my blog, I was making hats for the homeless. From Sun. to Wed. I made a dozen hats (told you it is quick and brainless) and am off and running again this week making some more. It is very cold here, for us desert rats, especially during the night. I have to go out each morning and break about half an inch of ice off the chickens water containers.

I will post some pictures to let you see other things I have been doing. I have so many pictures on my computer I will need to delete some soon I think. If the computer had seams, they would be bulging, (like my clothing after Christmas dinner).

Thank you for caring.

The first four pictures are of our Thanksgiving. I decided that I did't want to go to all that work with turkey and all the trimmings. So...we had hamburgers. They were a little more than just BBQ'ed Burgers. They were double burgers, some beef and some turkey, stuffed with cheese and green chilis. We had a huge bowl of Tortilla chips and another huge bowl of homemade Pico de Gallo. Beth taught me how to make that Pico de Gallo when I was in Tennessee. Oh my goodness, BIG YUM. I could eat it with a spoon, kinda like soup. We were all stuffed like some people's turkeys and happy with it all. BB had been very ill but still volenteered to cook the burgers. It was a rainy day. #1S is helping. You will notice he is in shirt sleeves. He spent several years cutting meat and grew to enjoy the cold. My only AZ grandson is also in the picture.

The next two pictures are of a collage of pictures my oldest grandaughter took of me while she lived with me for a couple of years and going to college in Tucson. You will have seen some of those pictures as headers on this blog. She then stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG! doing one of the pictures in charcoal. Click on the pictures and it will make them larger and easier to see.

The last two pictures are of an afghan I made for a friend at church. I made if for Mr. J. but I found out Sunday, Mrs. J. has taken control of it. It is very cold here. I told him I may make him another one but he may not get it until Spring. I have too many other things I want to make.

I will stop for now. Some of you will look at this lengthy blog and shut down. I will save more for later.

Checking on this before I publish it, I found it is so long that I don't even want to proof read it...........Oh well, what you see is what you get. Some of you did ask for it.......... ;>)